Pet Boarding in Port St. Lucie, FL

Full Pet Boarding Services

Welcome to Paws Required’s Holistic Pet Boarding Experience

Discover a haven where traditional boarding meets unwavering compassion and holistic care. At Paws Required, we redefine pet boarding by blending freedom, comfort, and a dash of home-like warmth to create an extraordinary stay for your beloved pets.

Cage-Free Living: A Room to Roam and Explore

Our facility waves goodbye to cages and kennels, inviting your pets into spacious, lively environments where they can roam, explore, and engage. In our care, your pets experience the liberty they deserve, interacting with their surroundings and other furry friends in a natural, joyful manner.

Safety and Supervision: A Watchful Eye on Your Furry Family

While freedom reigns, safety is our unwavering priority. Our team, passionate about each guest’s well-being, maintains a careful watch, ensuring that your pet’s stay is secure, loving, and free of any hassles.

Nutrition with Love: Nourishing Bodies and Spirits

While your pets are with us, they will relish meals that are as nutritious as they are delightful. Our focus on holistic care seeps into the culinary experiences we offer, ensuring that every meal contributes to your pet’s health and happiness.

Holistic Harmony: Mindful Methods for Happy Pets

Our approach is rooted deeply in holistic principles that champion your pet’s overall well-being. Through a finely curated blend of activities, diets, and interaction, we ensure that the physical, mental, and emotional needs of your pets are met with tenderness and expertise.

Tailored Care: Every Pet is Unique

Recognizing the unique essence of each pet, our services are flexible and adaptable. Tailoring our care to meet individual needs and preferences, we ensure that every pet feels loved, understood, and at ease under our protective wings.

Social and Playful Interactions: Building Friendships and Confidence

In our vibrant, cage-free spaces, pets find ample opportunities to socialize, play, and create delightful memories. Guided by our attentive team, your pets will engage in activities that not only bring joy but also contribute positively to their confidence and social skills.

Nature-Inspired Environments: Thriving Through Natural Elements

Surroundings at Paws Required echo the beauty and calm of nature. With elements that resonate with the outdoors, your pets will find spaces where they can relax, breathe, and just be their adorable selves.

Join Us in a Celebration of Freedom and Care

Entrust us with your pets, and allow them to plunge into a boarding experience where cages disappear, and hearts flutter with joy. At Paws Required, every moment is a pledge to shower your pets with unparalleled love, holistic care, and the freedom to flourish.