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Where Compassionate Pet Grooming Meets Joyful Experiences in Port St. Lucie

Our Mission at Paws Required

Welcome to Paws Required! Our guiding star is to gift your pet a delightful, holistic grooming experience, enveloped in care and respect. We’ve often had clients share tales of past grooming nightmares where their beloved pets weren’t treated with the love they deserve. That’s a story you’ll never recount when you choose us.

However, ensuring a smooth, stress-free grooming session is a dance between us, you, and your fur baby. Here are a few things we’d like you to keep in mind:


Swift but Sweet

We aim for efficiency in our grooming sessions, not just for our sake but for your pet’s comfort too. While we adore spending time with your pets, a quicker session means less stress for them and a bit of rest for us!

Professional but Not Magicians

Yes, we’re trained, but if your pet won’t let you groom them at home, expecting a miracle from us is a bit much. Cooperation from your furry one makes a significant difference.

Quality Grooming is an Investment

Good grooming might come with a price tag, but it’s essential for your pet’s wellbeing. And let’s be honest; your pet’s grooming session is a tad more complicated than your haircut.

Quality Over Speed

Quick grooming won’t cover all bases. If you want a thorough job (and you should), allow us the time to dot the i’s and cross the t’s meticulously.

Tangled Tales

If you skip the ‘brushy-brushy’, we might have to go ‘shavey-shavey’. Matting is painful, and we won’t subject your pet to the stress of detangling. If you dream of a fluffy look, regular brushing between grooming sessions is key.

Tick-Tock Doesn’t Matter to a Dog

You might be watching the clock, but your pet isn’t. While we provide an estimated pick-up time, your pet might not be on the same timeline.

Sit Still? Says Who?

Pets wiggle; they’re excited or nervous. A little movement is expected, so perfection might take a moment.

The Grooming Table Phenomenon

Once on the grooming table, some pets transform amusingly. Your angel might discover their mischievous side. Patience, understanding, and a sense of humor on all our parts go a long way!


Highly Qualified & Experienced Groomers in Port St. Lucie, FL


Meet Catherine: Passionate Holistic Groomer & Devoted Friend to Furry Clients

At the heart of Paws Required stands Catherine, our cherished owner and certified holistic groomer, whose love for animals transcends mere passion. With a gentle touch and an expansive heart, Catherine has dedicated her life to enhancing the wellbeing of pets through holistic grooming practices.


Bonney Johnson

Bonney stands as a pillar of strength and vision at Paws Required, co-founding the establishment with a dream to create a holistic haven for pets. As an owner and operator, her role transcends the day-to-day management; she is the driving force behind our mission to revolutionize pet care with compassion and holistic practices.




More Info About Renai Coming Soon!

Experience the Paws Required difference.

Where pet grooming is not just a service but a celebration of life, love, and the joyous spirit of your furry family members!

Holistic Approach

Beyond the aesthetics of dog grooming and cat grooming, our holistic approach accentuates the wellbeing and happiness of your pets. Through thoughtful training and behavioral supports, we facilitate experiences that enhance your pet’s confidence, presenting a grooming process that’s as nurturing as it is transformative.

More Than Groomers

As diligent caregivers immersed in the world of holistic pet grooming, our team at Paws Required goes beyond the call of duty, serving as advocates and friends for every animal under our care. We aren’t just providing a service; we are building bonds, celebrating uniqueness, and fostering an environment of respect and affection.

Family-Focused Approach

Family is at the heart of everything we do. Your pets, invaluable members of your family, are treated with the same love and respect they receive at home. Each visit to Paws Required promises an atmosphere brimming with family warmth, laughter, and unparalleled care, making every goodbye a prelude to an eagerly awaited hello.

Professional Pet Care Specialists

Whether you are looking for a new puppy to liven up your home, or are in need of a grooming service for your cat, you need to look no further than Paws Required. With the perfect combination of experience and skill, Paws Required’s team has the knowledge and means to make your pet-related dreams a reality. We take immense pride in the pet care service that we offer and that is why we go to such great lengths to ensure that, when you call us, you will receive exceptional service. So, what are you waiting for? With expertise in all aspects of pet care, we should be the first number you call.

Locally Owned and Operated

At Paws Required we are immensely proud of our roots. We started this business from the ground up and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the loyalty of pet owners from the area who continue to trust us with their beloved companions. Our team at Paws Required is made up mainly of former animal shelter volunteers and local activists. We feel that the all-encompassing, friendly and efficient service we offer our clients and their pets reflects the wider generosity of our valued team. When you bring your pet to us, it’s like bringing your pet to family.


Superior Service Guaranteed

Most pet care professionals view their work as a job. However, for our team of diligent and committed professionals, it is much more than that. Our passion for pet care sets us apart from our competitors and means that we ensure our clients and their pets receive the best in grooming and training needs. For us, a good service is not good enough, we want to be the best. And it is this commitment to excellence that drives our business. So, why settle for second-best when the number one team is right here on your doorstep.


Professional Pet Care With a Smile

Paws Required has provided professional and trusted pet care service for years. In that time, we have developed a reputation of providing an efficient yet friendly pet care service that uses the most advanced approaches to training, treatments and grooming. However, we are always trying to improve, and that is why we continue to expand the range of services we offer, while always guaranteeing that the high standards we set for ourselves are maintained. The simple fact of the matter is that every member of our team is an animal lover. So, whether you have a golden retriever or a pet snake, you can rest assured knowing that your pet will receive the most tender love and care that any animal could ask for. Our team goes to great lengths to ensure that the pets who stay with us are always in a safe, balanced and nurturing environment.